Life Styling
How astrology influences your sense of fashion, beauty and home decor
Susan Kelly
As each planet orbits the Sun, it is “clothed” for a while in one of the zodiac signs. What is Jupiter wearing? All Leo, all the time! That planet works to help us expand our fashion possibilities and explore new avenues. For the next year while it’s in Leo, we’ll be attracted to that which makes us feel unique and appreciated. It’s also about being creative and playful, and...
  • jun 27
    02:29 pm

    5 Jupiter-in-Cancer Fashion Trends That Are Keepers!

    When tracking fashion trends, traditionally the ol’ astrolabe first turns towards two of the outer planets: Neptune, because it has a lot to say... read more
  • may 29
    09:36 am

    Summer White-Out

    Most of the old fashion rules have fallen by the wayside. Yet Memorial Day always seems to mark the time we all have carte blanche to start wearing... read more
  • apr 29
    03:33 pm

    Orange is the New Black!

    Where’s Venus? Or should I say “wear" is Venus? As planets circle the solar system, each passes through a zodiac sign. It then tends... read more
  • mar 12
    01:41 pm

    The Light Fantastic!

    The Paralympic Games in Sochi are winding down, and the Olympics are but a memory of all who went for the gold (or silver or bronze). Well, hang onto... read more
  • jan 17
    07:15 pm

    Home Decor Trends in 2014

    It’s that time of year when we look ahead, and there’s so much that is new and exciting for 2014 -- especially when it comes to your home.... read more
  • jan 17
    05:10 pm

    Social Buzz as Mercury in Aquarius Trines Mars in Libra

    There’s no better time to get social! Mercury -- the planet of ideas and communication -- entered forward-thinking Aquarius on January 11, 2014.... read more
  • jan 15
    07:58 pm

    Fitness Resolutions -- for Life!

    You’ve fallen off your diet (again). Or used the cold dome as an excuse to cocoon instead of activating that new gym membership. But 2014 can be... read more
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